Happening Now

Completed development: iOS 9 support with advanced emergency detection algorithms

Under development: upgraded Android version with advanced emergency detection algorithms

Under development: iPhone prototyping with wearables

Under development: Enterprise prototypes for scaled deployments and custom emergency applications

Research & Development under way for special-purpose emergency event applications


Under development: iOS 8 support

Under development: Android prototyping with wearables

Early 2014

Launched: iPhone 1.0 for iOS 7

Introducing New Advance Program for early access to test platforms, to supersede Alpha Program

New features & enhancements across platforms and on the Web portal

Late 2013

Launched: Android 1.0

Launched: Web Management Console 1.0

First major marketing push and advertising campaign

Introducing New Advance Program for early access to test platforms, to supercede Alpha Program

HMN expands its core team even more with critical development resources and marketing

Early 2013

First significant round of funding

Research and development began on additional tracks for the application for specialized services and industries

Development for Apple iOS 7 and iPhone platform begins

Alpha Test program goes into full swing

HMN starts internship program to collaborate with Alpha Test program

Late 2012

Launch of first Alpha Test Program for Android devices

Incorporation of new branding and design into Android application

Introduction of simple voice command integration, and roll out of additional processes

Conducting advanced testing and studies on HMN Guardian technology through certified research organization and test facilities.

Summer 2012

Developed new branding, marketing, and design including application user experience

Spring 2012

Core team expanded with key development, marketing, and management roles

Next-gen Android platform development began

March 2011

Android prototype began development with core feature set.

December 2010

Early Windows Phone Prototype developed with limited functionality, demonstrated proof-of-concept


HMN Startup Team formed