What is HMN Guardian?

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When a loved one is in trouble, you want to be sure emergency services will be contacted immediately, especially when he or she is unable to call for help. However, the technology to detect and report accidents has been expensive and only available in a limited number of vehicles... until now.

HMN Guardian is a patented, portable emergency detection system that uses geospatial monitoring and emergency event/anomaly detection to detect and report accidents. Available as iPhone and Android applications, the HMN systems combine GPS technology with your smartphone’s sensors and patented emergency event algorithms to detect potential emergency. These revolutionary emergency detection systems are small, highly portable, easily installed and function independent of the driver or vehicle systems.

How it works

HMN Guardian detects an emergency event and automatically reaches out to your friends, family, or emergency services* (* - Depending on your plan), sending them vital information on the possible type of emergency, your last known location, and more. HMN Guardian is designed to respond when you can’t and does not replace calling emergency services if you are able (911 in the U.S.).


The HMN Guardian app combined with your smart phone is the truly a mobile emergency detection and response system on the go!

Patented emergency detection technology.

  • GPS technology
  • Micro-accelerometers
  • And more...

* - depending on device support

During an emergency...

What you see

What your friend or family member sees

Applying advanced technologies to detect potential emergencies whether you are walking, running, biking, or driving.

Detects the activity

See where your loved ones are


Help Me Now team has invested thousands of hours developing advanced emergency detection algorithms for both iPhone and Android apps. Additionally, the team has conducted over 1200 drop tests and variety of emergency impact simulations yielding high confidence emergency event detection with low false alarms. While no emergency detection service can be 100% accurate, the HMN team strives to improve our app and tailor it for the variety of iPhone and Android devices*. Patented to emergency detection technology, utilizing your smartphones sensors.

* - depending on device support

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