You can't put a price on the safety of your loved ones, but Guardian makes the well-being of those close to you easy to ascertain. With affordable plans ranging from the Free application to Family (with its wealth of added features including live operators and a larger numbers of users per subscription), safety has never been easier to obtain.

Features Free Plus Most Popular
Cost free $20 / year $65 / year $165 / year
Number of Connected Devices 1 1 1 5
Automatically sends text of emergency event details to your designated primary emergency contact yes yes yes yes
Automatically calls your designated primary emergency contact no no yes yes
Automatically sends text message to your designated back up emergency contacts no yes (up to 4) yes (up to 4) yes (up to 8)
Access Emergency Contacts outside of Guardian App User Network yes yes yes yes
Live Emergency Operator ServiceComing Soon no no add-on service add-on service
Access to Premium Concierge Services* included* included* included* included*
Select Select Select Select

* - Premium concierge services provided by partner company and all fees negotiated based on your requirements at the time of service rendered.

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