Regional Partnership Program

We are excited to open registration for HMN's pre-launch Strategic Channel Partnerships (SCP)! Many benefits convey to our SCPs.

The Strategic Channel Partnership program is designed both to help spread the word about HMN Guardian, and provide the initial support structure and fundation for the HMN community.

Huge Benefits and Revenue Opportunity

  • No storefront requirement: at least 3 million people in each territory
  • Generous new customer commission (upto $30/per registered user.)
  • Unlimited number of referrals/commissions) – post product launch projected
  • Profit during pre-launch testing and post launch with per subscription commission of $1.25 per month per customer (at launch $2.00 per customer per month)
  • Performance-based share of annual HMN SCP bonus (Revenue sharing pool is based on 1% net sales in a year period* (*calculated from the total of all advance community referrals))
  • And much more...

Be part of this ground floor opportunity by registering today!